Comes with features like:

Achieve complete haemostasis within 20 seconds for minor cuts and less than a minute for major trauma cases
Ability to facilitate and accelerate normal blood clotting cascade
Prevent infections
Helps in healing wounds
Low cost
Single handedly usage
Composed of FDA approved biodegradable biopolymers

Just Apply and forget for minor cuts

Intended Applications:

As surgical dressings
As topical haemostatic agent
As a first aid
Deep injuries like: gun shot, stabbing or road traffic accident
Applicable for animals to stop their bleeding

N-N-A-L: The core science behind StopBleed™

Nanofibrous Architecture – Mimicking the fibrin mesh StopBleed™ achieves to hold the blood cells and water within its reticulated niche thereby mitigating blood flow and faster initiation of the clotting cascade.
Net Surface Charge-StopBleed™ possess a net surface charge which is the fundamental aspect of its ability to accelerate the clotting cascade within split seconds from the time of application on the injured area.
Absorbability-StopBleed™ actually can absorb water almost 400 times its own weight. The high absorbability of the product allows aqueous portion of the blood to get soaked up and coagulation of the blood cells.
Light Weight- Believe it or not StopBleed™ is 50times lighter than cotton.

Why StopBleed™ ?

Because nobody wants to bleed..
StopBleed™ works on a 5/5 strategy i.e. it is almost 5 times faster at almost 1/5 of cost than the existing products. It comes with a light weight technology and reusability that makes it easy to carry and appropriate for multiple use. Other than that,
Imitate the natural fibrin mesh, leading to accelerated clotting time
Surface charge ensures a strong patch to be act as a mechanical barrier preventing further bleeding
FDA approved degradable biopolymers, 100% safe.
Just “apply and forget”. No concern about the aftermath.