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It’s our right to help someone we love, to survive.
We invented StopBleed that can stop bleeding in 40 seconds.
Because people should get a chance to survive fatal bleeding injuries.


"A story of a scholar turned into an entrepreneur"

Miraqules is developing novel anti-bleeding compounds for any severity, size, and shape of injuries. These compounds will help you to stop bleeding within a minute of application.Our vision is to replace the conventional way of treating bleeding injuries & a ten-fold reduction in the bleeding management time. We want to democratize people to Miraqules on any kind of visible bleeding (even on people having blood clotting disorders). The company was founded in 2018 by Sabir Hossain along with his professor & childhood friend to invent, manufacture and supply anti-bleeding products.

Miraqules is the brain-child of Mr Sabir Hossain, a Biomedical Engineer by training and an NIT Rourkela alumnus who graduated in the year 2018 with a degree of Master of Technology. He has got a deep focus on to develop accessible and affordable medical products to cover all brackets of people in addition to being a fellow of numerous grants under various Government schemes.

At Miraqules, we are obsessed with fostering high-impact point-of-care medical solutions by bringing innovative healthcare devices in daily lives through continuous research and cumulative team effort.

Miraqules is developing solutions for the masses, especially for those who have always been ignored.


ABOUT StopBleed

  • Malleable Study Time

    5X Faster

  • Placement Assistance

    Heals Wounds

  • Easy To Access

    No Expertise Needed

  • Study on the Go

    Light Weight 5g/100mL


    Easy To Access

    Ambulance services

    Easy To Access


    Easy To Access


    Easy To Access


    Easy To Access

    Armed Forces

StopBleed VIDEO


Sabir Hossain
Chief Executive Officer
Dr Mubeen Midda
Chief Medical Officer
Dr Devendra Verma
Chief Scientific Officer, Biomedical Research
Dr Sirsendu Sekhar Ray
Scientific Advisor, Biomedical Research
Mobarak Hossain
Chief Business Development Officer
Dr Shriram Raghavan
Business Advisor
Mr. Colin Brown
Business Advisor

Dr. Dean Nahman
Medical Advisor

Incubation Partner
Technology Partner
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