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A perfect blend of creativity,energy communication,clarity & restraint.
A perfect blend of creativity,energy, communication,clarity & restraint.
A perfect blend of creativity,energy communication,clarity & restraint.


"A story of academics transforming into successful entrepreneurs”

Miraqules is an ambitious initiative by Sabir Hossain, who was backed by his professor Dr Devendra Verma, focusing on to develop accessible and affordable medical products to address several unmet needs of people from all sections of society. Miraqules aims to be one of the foremost companies in this domain by bringing innovative healthcare devices in your daily life through continuous research and cumulative team effort.

At Miraqules, people believe in innovations at the grass-root level so that people with poor socio economic status can also reap the benefits of the denouements. We aim to design our products with utmost precision to endorse sustainable healthcare for you and your closed ones.


Comes with features like:

Achieve complete haemostasis within 20 seconds for minor cuts and less than a minute for major trauma cases
Ability to facilitate and accelerate normal blood clotting cascade
Prevent infections
Helps in healing wounds
Low cost
Single handedly usage
Composed of FDA approved biodegradable biopolymers

Just Apply and forget for minor cuts

Intended Applications:
As surgical dressings
As topical haemostatic agent
As a first aid
Deep injuries like: gun shot, stabbing or road traffic accident
Applicable for animals to stop their bleeding



Sabir Hossain
Chief Executive Officer
Kaustuv Das
Chief Technology Officer
Dr Mubeen Midda
Chief Medical Officer
Dr Devendra Verma
Chief Scientific Officer, Biomedical Research
Dr Sirsendu Sekhar Ray
Scientific Advisor, Biomedical Research
Mobarak Hossain
Chief Business Development Officer

Dr Shriram Raghavan
Business Advisor

Mr. Colin Brown
Business Advisor

Dr. Dean Nahman
Medical Advisor

Supported By
MassChallenge Israel

MassChallenge, Inc

NIT Rourkela

National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Odisha, India


KIIT-TBI, Bhubaneswar, State of Odisha, India

Funded By

Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

Biotechnology Ignition Grant

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council,
Department of Biotechnology,
Government of India